Cherielynn Westrich is an American Musician and Car builder…. She is most well known for her Vocals on the The Rentals first album “Return of the Rentals” circa 1996. With 2 MTV videos and appearances on programs like 120 minutes the album soon hit #7 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart and #92 on the Billboard Hot 100. Touring both America and Europe with the likes of Garbage, Blur, No-Doubt, Oas

is, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Silver Chair, and Radio Head. She left the band to rejoin her own project a local Hollywood band called SuperSport 2000. Making brief appearances in bands like Magpie, Bicycle Theif, RaceCar, Slow signal Fade, and Dirt. Her most recent recording was a vocal collaboration with an Italian band called “The Canadians” on a cover of “Neverending Story” by Klaus Doldinger.

Cherielynn then refocused her interest back to car building and restoration. Which has been a lifelong passion. Having been an Mopar fan for the better part of her life she then pursued her interest in old Hot Rods which landed her a coveted position as an A-team builder on the TLC series Overhaulin’ with Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs. Best known for her custom gauge work and dash restorations she soon became a respected member of the Overhaulin’ build team appearing on more than 50 episodes. If you missed any of the amazing car builds you can catch them on the Velocity Channel still running all 6 seasons. Watch earlier episodes on Netflix !!